Black Skull Island

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Sea of peril you've crossed,fighting monsters and men,
to set foot on the fabled Black Skull Island.
There's just one problem; you're not alone.
In fact, it seems that everyone and their parrot are already here.

Black Skull Island is a game of pirate intrigue for 2 to 9 treasure hunting sea wolves, ready to fill their pockets with pure gold. 
• Play each fast-paced, crazy struggle for treasure un under 15 minutes! 
• Make smart use of 16 unique characters. 
• Play a wild party game with up to 9 players! 
• Face-off in a fierce duel for riches and glory in a 2 player game! 
• Play within minutes from opening the box!

Black Skull Island is a wild pirate adventure which plays fast enough to fit in your lunch break, but packs enough of a punch to entertain a group of friends for a whole night!

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