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Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

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Become doctors in the 1800’s competing to treat Ailments like blood ghosts and plague with Cures like cocaine and amputations!

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor is a Party Game of Dueling Doctors and Medical Malpractice, Full of Fun Debates and Gruesome Historical Facts for the Delight and Despair of all who play!

How to Play:
➀ All doctors draweth three ailments and six cures
➁ Chooseth one player to be the first patient, who then describes vividly one of their ailments to the group.
➂ The doctors henceforth choose at least two of their cures to combine ensuring their cures match the symbols on the ailment.
➃ The patient chooses the winning doctor, who receives the ailment card as a Point, and who then is now the new patient
➄ The first player to accumulate 3 victories is the winner!
Product Stats
3 - 8

Playing Time:
15 - 60 Minutes

Min Age:

Half Monster Games

Card Game, Horror, Negotiation

Hand Management, Negotiation, Real-Time, Role Playing

Jack Ford Morgan

Year Published: