Beyond the Sun - Dent and Ding (Major Damage)

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This product is a damaged product. There may be dents, crushed corners, ripped boxes, or of the like. However this is still a new complete game. This product is a final sale and cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded for any reason. 

As Earth begins to die, it is time for humanity to look Beyond the Sun. The faction leaders that once ruled the planet separately, now work together to develop cutting-edge technology and explore the depths of space. However, only one leader will truly reign supreme in these new worlds. Will it be you?

Players take turns to take an action available on the technology board, then produce resources. As more technologies are researched, more actions become available to the players. Actions allow players to improve their economy, move spaceships, colonize systems, and research new technologies. Those actions belong exclusively to the player who discovers them until the other players catch up! The game ends when a number of achievements are fulfilled, and the faction with the most points claims victory!

★ Innovative technology tree — Each developed technology feeds into the next available technology. Dozens of variable tech cards are included which makes the possible technological advancements different from game to game.
★ Resource cycle of life — The game features a unique cyclical economic system that provides interesting challenges. Should you produce more money to grow your economic power or more food to increase the population needed for further expansion?
★ Multiple paths to victory — Become a technological powerhouse, build an impressive fleet of warships, or colonize the most planets. All possibilities are open to you as you strive for the ultimate triumph!

• 1 Technology board
• 1 double-sided Exploration board
• 46 Technology cards
• 20 Event cards
• 24 System cards
• 10 Achievement cards
• 1 Starting player marker
• 4 Guild cover tiles
• 60 Ore crystals
• 8 dual-layer Factions mats (2 per faction)
• 80 six-sided resource cubes
• 96 wooden marker discs
• 4 Player aids
• 4 Action pawns
• 2 Action replacement tiles (for 2 to 3-player games)
• 2 Technology Tableau bars (for the Expert Variant)
• Rulebook and separate setup sheet

Ages 14+, 2-4 players, 90-120 minutes