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Century: Golem Edition

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"Papa, where do crystal golems come from?" "The great masters craft them using soul crystals." "Oh‚¬¦ but where do soul crystals come from?" "From all over the world. They are very rare. Legend says, they are the souls of people who died long before the first humans came to Carvania." "Well, when I grow up, I'm going to be a crystal trader! I'll travel the whole world and I'll find the very best crystals and the masters will make great big powerful golems from them, like the Gatekeeper!"

Centuries have passed since the first humans arrived on Caravania. Legends have been shared from one generation to the next explaining Caravania's most exotic and rare mysteries ‚¬€œ the soul crystals. Legend has it that the souls of the planet's original inhabitants were so . . .

SKU PB4010
Product Stats
2 - 5

Playing Time:
30 - 45 Minutes

Min Age:

Plan B Games


Closed Drafting, Set Collection

Emerson Matsuuchi

Justin Chan, Chris Quilliams

Year Published: