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Mini Rogue - Depths of Damnation

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Current price $ 11.49
Mini Rogue is a game profoundly inspired by roguelikes and roleplaying games. Monsters, hazards, treasures, bosses, dungeons, as well as random rooms and encounters are all featured in Mini Rogue.

In this 1 to 2-player game, you play as an adventurer delving into a dungeon, room after room, floor after floor, area after area, level after level, to find your way to victory! Mini Rogue: Depths of Damnation is a 33 card full scale expansion featuring a new card type: Lore cards. These Lore cards allow the players to "choose their own story", offering an insight into the events and lore of the dungeon, and weave a narrative for players to discover game after game.

In addition to the new card type, this expansion set also includes 6 new Room ca. . .
Product Stats
1 - 2

Playing Time:
30 - 45 Minutes

Min Age:

Nuts! Publishing

Adventure, Expansion, Fantasy

Dice Rolling, Push Your Luck, Solo / Solitaire Game

Paolo Di Stefano, Gabriel Gendron

Gabriel Gendron

Year Published: