A Distant Plain

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A Distant Plain adapts familiar Andean Abyss mechanics to the conditions of Afghanistan without adding rules complexity.  A snap for COIN Series players to learn, A Distant Plain will transport them to a different place and time.  New features include:

  • Coalition-Government joint operations.
  • Volatile Pakistani posture toward the conflict.
  • Evolution of both COIN and insurgent tactics and technology.
  • Government graft and desertion.
  • Coalition casualties.
  • Afghan returnees.
  • Pashtun ethnic terrain.
  • Multiple scenarios.
  • A deck of 72 fresh events.

 ... and more.

As with each COIN Series volume, players of A Distant Plain will face difficult strategic decisions with each card.  The innovative game system smoothly integrates political, cultural, and economic affairs with military and other violent and non-violent operations and capabilities.  Terror, drug trafficking and eradication, highway extortion and sabotage, drone strikes, and many more options are on the menu.  Flow charts are at hand to run the three Afghan factions, so that any number of players‚¬€from 4 to solitaire‚¬€can experience the internecine brawl that is today's Afghanistan.  Have a good tour.