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A Song of Ice & Fire - Stark Heroes 3

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The Heroes Stark 3 box for the A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game includes new characters and expands the options for House Stark to avenge what happened in King's Landing to Eddard Stark.

House Stark is the only important House that dwells in the far north of Westeros. The hardy inhabitants of Winterfell are always ready for anything, as they form a close-knit family supported by many faithful bannermen. Robb, the King in the North, commands his House as he heads to war in revenge for what happened in King's Landing to his father, Eddard, the Hand of the King. In addition, many have joined him, such as Maege and Lyanna Mormont, Brynden "the Blackfish" Tully and Rickard Karstark, all of whom are fully committed to the cause of the Starks. These brave individuals will demonstrate that House Stark's resistance to cold is applicable to all corners of Westeros.

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Expansion, Fantasy, Miniatures

Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Worker Placement