A Song of Ice & Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game: Followers of Bone Unit Box

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Many in Westeros regard those in the Free Folk army as savages, and many in the Free Folk seem to go out of their way to enhance that feeling. The Followers of Bone are devoted to the Lord of Bones and have bedecked themselves with an assortment of macabre skeletal accessories, including using them as weapons in battle. Their disquieting practices and appearance has a marked effect on the enemy.

The Followers of Bone unit box gives Free Folk commanders a scary new unit to fill their ranks. The horrific visages of these warriors can cause enemies to shrink back instead of surging forward, making them take a Panic Test before they can attack the Followers. Add to that the Champion of Bone Unit Attachment that grants restored Wounds to the unit whenever an enemy fails a Panic Test when engaged with them, and the Followers can be a very durable unit, indeed.

13 Miniatures
‣ 12 Followers of Bone
‣ 1 Champion of Bone
1 Unit Card
1 Attachemnt Card
1 Movement Tray

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