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Ghost Stories: White Moon Expansion

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With the Ghost Stories: White Moon expansion, the monks have an extra task to deal with: rescuing the villagers themselves from the ghosts.

During setup, three villagers tokens are placed on all village tiles but one. The Moon Portal is placed on the remaining tile (the center tile for normal difficulty, on the side for harder difficulty, in a corner for masochistic players). Villagers can follow monks when they move. To rescue a villager, you have to bring him to the Moon Portal and take a special rescue action on that tile.

Villagers come in families of 1, 2 or 3 members. When an entire family is rescued, you get the family's reward. Small families give small rewards (like an extra Qi, or an artifact that can move the other monks to your tile), large families g. . .

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Asmodee Editions

Expansion, Fantasy, Horror

Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling