Ladies & Gentlemen

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Dive into the Victorian era and play, as a team, a stylish lady and gentleman. The victorious team is the one whose lady is the most elegant at the end of the game. Each gentleman will gain money from the Stock Market by making sales and fulfilling contracts while his lady will fill her wardrobe with the most gorgeous dresses by getting the most fashionable items from the various stores in the game.

The box contains 5 street tiles, 5 support panels, 5 special tokens, 25 visit tokens, 75 wardrobe cards, 20 servant cards, 20 artisan cards, 60 tokens, 48 bank notes, 15 contract cards, 5 market value cards and the rulebook.

An asymmetric game with an original theme.
A stunning mix of opportunism, tactics and mockeries.
An ambiance game within everyone's grasp.

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