Boom, Bang, Gold

by Haba
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Gold has been discovered in the sleepy village of Old Town. Things have been crazy ever since! Infected by the gold rush fever, everyone is grabbing sticks of dynamite and throwing them into the gold mine. Now you need to be fast and have a good eye ... otherwise you'll go home empty-handed! 

1 gold mine (box base with 2 inserts) 
4 characters with gold chests 
4 sticks of dynamite 
4 shelves 
1 pocket watch (lap timer) 
160 tiles: 82x boulders, 35x legal gold nuggets, 35x illegal gold nuggets, 4 special tiles (1x bat, 1x snake, 1x rat, 1x ghost), 4 action tiles (1x pick, 1x dynamite, 1x revolver, 1x sheriff's star) 
1 set of instructions