Bravest Warriors - Cooperative Dice Game

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In the year 3085, four teenage heroes-for-hire and their pals warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds. When evil gets all fancy, they break that biz down... for hope!

In the Bravest Warriors Co-operative Dice Game, you take on the role of one of the Bravest Warriors or one of their bestest pals. Working together, you will overcome Events and Encounters using your Portals and Special Abilities. Can you earn enough Victory Points in time? With your smartest, sexiest friends by your side... and a bit of luck, your team can overcome all sorts of ri-donk-ulous challenges on your way to victory!

Score Victory Points by overcoming Encounters that you've seen in the Bravest Warriors episodes. The actual number of Victory Points needed to win depends on if you are playing Easy Mode (great for younger or new players) or Standard Mode. Set the difficulty to your level of skill!

1-6 Players
Ages: 15 and up
Playing Time: 20, 30 Minutes

Contents Summary:
12 Custom Dice
6 Oversized Character Cards
30 Encounter Cards
22 Event Cards
54 Portal Cards
Scored, Failed, and Initiative tokens
Plus a bunch of Hit Point tokens