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Caverna: Cave VS Cave - Era II Expansion

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Two dwarf tribes are living in this remote valley, surrounded by unclimbable mountains, for centuries already. Nobody remembers how exactly the malevolence started, but the distrust was ever growing since. Both tribes try to be better than the other, jealously protecting their resources and wealth. In order to grow their wealth, the "Uwendirs" and the "Rosendils" are mining the mountains deeper and deeper and since some time now they find more and more of an unknown ore with exceptional properties to forge weapons from it: iron. With this development, nobody knows for how long it will stay peaceful in the valley...*

Caverna - Cave vs. Cave enters a new era: the Iron Age! The expansion to Uwe Rosenbergs successful 2 player adaptio. . .

SKU LK0102
Product Stats
1 - 2

Playing Time:
30 - 60 Minutes

Min Age:

Lookout Games

Economic, Expansion, Fantasy, Farming

Tile Placement, Worker Placement

Uwe Rosenberg

Klemens Franz, Uwe Rosenberg

Year Published: