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City of the Great Machine

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City of the Great Machine is a strategy game set in a grim universe of technocratic Victorian steampunk. The game features the conflict between the Great Machine, an artificial intelligence network, and an alliance of Heroes. The Great Machine is either controlled by a player or is automated, which completely changes the gameplay.

The Great Machine controls the City built on mobile platforms in the sky. As the Great Machine, the player (or game AI) commands a force of perfected Servants and mechanical Guards. The Great Machine's ultimate goal is to suppress social unrest and complete its grandiose Master Plan to perfect mankind.

The other players are Heroes working together against the Great Machine to start a revolution. They enco. . .

SKU CGA 07001
Product Stats
1 - 4

Playing Time:
60 - 90 Minutes

Min Age:

Crowd Games

Miniatures, Science Fiction

Action Drafting, Area Majority / Influence, Cooperative Game, Hidden Movement, Modular Board

German Tikhomirov

Year Published: