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RuneQuest: The Red Book of Magic

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Dive into the ultimate guide to magic for RuneQuest!

Penned by Zzabur, the Sorcerer Supreme himself, The Red Book of Magic is the indispensable source for expanded Rune & Spirit magic. It’s an essential expansion to the RuneQuest experience for players and Gamemasters alike.

A Tome of Spells
Over 500 spells for both Run and spirit magic. These spells can be used by adventurers and NPC’s alike. Also detailed are rules for Gamemasters to devise their own Rune spells.

New Beasts & Monsters
An array of new monsters to compliment those found in RuneQuest Glorantha: Bestiary. Magical creatures such as War Trees, Manlings, and Luxites are detailed to pit against your adventurers, and eac. . .
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Nick Brooke, Reid Hoffman, Jennell Allyn Jaquays, Ken Kaufer, Rudy Kraft, Claudia Loroff, Steve Marsh (I), Daniel McCluskey, John Natze, Michael O'Brien, Steve Perrin, Sandy Petersen, Jeff Richard, Ken Rolston, David Scott (II), Greg Stafford, Sean Summers, Anders Swenson, Lynn Willis

Hazem Ameen, Dimitrina Angelska, Ben Bauchau, Thomas Haller Buchanan, Joshua Cairós, Simeon Cogswell, Antonia Doncheva, Nick Grey, Chris Huth, Kalin Kadiev, Roman Kisyov, Jennifer S. Lange, Jeff Laubenstein, Anhvu D Le, Rhonda Libbey, Michelle Lockamy, Daniel Macaluso, Lionel Marty, John McCambridge, Rick Meints, Evelyne Park, Eleonor Piteira, Jan Pospíšil, Mark Smylie, Riley Spalding, Gábor Szügyi, Cory Trego-Erdner, Meagan Trott, Katie Wakelin

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