Cribbage and More Travel Game Pack (0005)

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This traveler's companion is as important as your passport. There are many games that can be played with the five wooden dice, a cribbage board, and a deck of cards. We have narrowed it down to our favorite twelve, but the combinations are endless! Its no wonder dice and card games have survived since ancient times‚¬¦ theyre fun, and the games that can be played are numerous. Enjoy!

History: These three game components are rich in ancient history and have evolved into great classic games of the present. Dice games have been played by many ancient cultures ‚¬€œ archaeological digs date them back to 6000 BC. The €š¬Å“leaf game,€š¬? played during the Tang Dynasty of 9th Century China, is considered the grandfather to the modern-day €š¬Å“playing cards.€š¬? The game of cribbage, invented by an English Poet, evolved from the card game €š¬Å“Noddy€š¬? during the 1600s.

  • Combination travel game set
  • 2-track folding wooden cribbage board with 4 metal pegs
  • 5 wooden dice and one deck of cards
  • Cloth bag with drawstring closure perfect for travel
  • Instructions for 12 different games

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