Dead Man's Cabal

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The worst part about being a Necromancer is everyone thinks your a bit creepy and doesn't want to be your friend. But what do you care? You can make your own friends by raising the dead. Dig up skulls and use the dark arts to resurrect their animated corpses. These guys are way more fun than the living anyway.

This clever action phase selection game hits at a perfect weight on the lighter side of a mid-weight Euro game. Collect Skulls in the colors you need, assemble them in the correct pattern in the Sanctum and raise the dead! Just be careful you aren't helping the other necromancers do the same!

Includes more than 60 plastic molded human skulls in 4 colors, a large molded cow skull ossuarry marker, 30 molded femurs (for currency of course!) and 7 punchboard room locations that wil build an amazing necromancers dungeon along with 35 cards each with unique art representing the fun dead that you can raise.