Deck of Stories - Volume 2

$ 16.99
SKU 85G-101

Even MORE story prompts and adventure hooks! Deck of Stories: Volume 2 has another 50 creative Story Cards await you, designed to fit seamlessly into the entire Deck of Stories series.

 With the Deck of Stories ORC Storytelling System, you can pick and choose your cards based on whether you need an opening action, a moment of rising action, or a jolt of climactic action! At the bottom of each card is a hook that allows you to spark an idea for potential conflict, and some suggested next steps to help round out your story.

 Flexible storytelling and creative problem-solving are earmarks of any great tabletop game and with Decks of Stories: Volume 2 to help keep things unique and surprising, you’re sure to wow even the most experienced RPG players. Whether you’re leading your players through a mysterious bazaar, decoding ancient maps, or visiting a fortune teller, you will be able to test your players at every turn.

There are even a couple of additional blank cards, for when you think of an idea that’s just too good to forget!