Der Weltkrieg: Osmanli Harbi - The Ottoman Front: 1914-1918

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The Western Front: 1914-1918, contains six scenarios, each covering a major WWI campaign fought in France or Belgium. It can also be played as a start-to-finish simulation of the entire western front, or linked with other games in the series into a grand-campaign covering all the European fronts. The scenarios are: August 1914: The Schlieffen Plan; May 1915: Ypres; February 1916: Verdun; July 1916: The Somme; April 1917: Nivelle's Offensive; March 1918: The Kaiser's Battle.

August 1914 - The Schlieffen Plan: War has come. Germany is faced with mortal enemies on two fronts.

May 1915 - Artois: The immediate threat to France is over. The Germans have re-deployed substantial forces to the Eastern Front.

February 1916 - Verdun: The Germans reduced the Russian threat in 1915. Now the German Field Marshal von Falkenhayn believes he can eliminate France through a battle of attrition.

July 1916 - The Somme: The new British Army is ready. With German attention focused on Verdun, the British feel they have a chance to break through.

April 1917 - Nivelle's Offensive: The French are now led by General Nivelle, a hero of Verdun. He plans a two pronged attack against the German salient pointing at Paris.

March 1918 - The Great Offensive: The Russians are out of the war. The Germans now concentrate in France with divisions trained in new assault tactics.

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‚¬¢ World War I history buffs

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‚¬¢ Ottomans (SPW)
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‚¬¢ Dave Schroeder design
‚¬¢ Completes Der Weltkrieg series
‚¬¢ Innovative map graphics

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‚¬¢ SPW106

‚¬¢ One 34 x 22in Map
‚¬¢ 1680 Die-cut Counters
‚¬¢ Standard Rulebook
‚¬¢ Scenario Rulebook
‚¬¢ Corps displays
‚¬¢ Player Aid Cards