Dice Settlers - Western Sea

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The New World became busy and you continued westward like many of your peers. But the land was not as endless as you thought it to be. Recently, you reached the sea where new opportunities flourish. Bustling seaside cities offer you the opportunity to sail , fish, and find treasures!

Discover new technologies and develop previously impossible combos using the main module: Fish and Ships. Attract Envoys from the Old World, carve out your own Enclosures, or hire an Advisor that comes with a unique die and special ability.

Enjoy 17 additional custom dice and brand new technologies as you explore fresh asymmetrical setups and dozens of new cards: Envoys, Enclosures, and Advisors.

• 17 x Custom dice 
• 10 x Sea & Island hex tiles 
• 55 x Cards 
• 4 x Wooden ship pawns 
• 20 x Wooden cubes 
• 10 x Fish resource tokens 
• 24 Player markers 
• 1 x Embassy tile 
• 1 x Rulebook

Solo Mode Components: 
• 1 x Advisor Solo Token 
• 1 x Solo Navy Counter 
• 1 x Solo Navy hex tile