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DoodleMash is a really fun party game for any occasion. What do you get when you cross a giraffe, praying mantis, and a penguin? A Manffeguin? How about when you cross a baboon with a bee and a spider? A Beeboonder? An eagle, snail, bear? Lion, moose, bird? You get DoodleMash! The combinations are endless with this one of a kind game that matches imagination with doodling to create some of the funniest, wildest creatures you could ever dream of! From art rooms to living room, or boardrooms to board game pubs. Doodlemash doesn't disappoint.

Each round every player will draw a token that has 3 random numbers on it. The numbers will correspond to animal cards dealt on the board. The players will then have 60 seconds (or less) to mash up the 3 animals into 1. After the timer is up, players exchange drawings and try to guess which numbers the other player has based on the drawing. Landing on an "X" on the board will draw a sketchy card which changes how the other players must draw. From non-dominant hand to blind draw, sketchy cards always draw a laugh.

First one across the finish wins.

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