Drinks With Frenenemies Millennial Edition

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DRINKS with FRENEMIES™ is a party game for people who like games, drinking and sabotaging their friends. Simply put, it’s THE SABOTAGING PARTY GAME …where friends become enemies & enemies become frenemies.

It’s an entertaining party game that will keep you on your toes as you adjust to the ever-changing rules. It’s a drinking game that’s also family friendly. Meaning you can play with any type of beverage you prefer. Drinking alcohol is NOT REQUIRED! In fact, we’ve made gameplay rules for those who wish not to drink at all. We think there’s no perfect way to ruin… uh… enhance your relationships!

It’s a great icebreaker game that gets you moving, thinking and laughing. We’ve designed it to be instantly playable and incredibly enjoyable with rules that are simple to follow and cards that are easy to understand. It’s just as much fun to watch others play as it is to play the game yourself. It’s a great addition to any game night, pre-game or party and makes for a great gift for birthdays, graduations and holidays!