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Dungeons & Dragons - Tyranny Of Dragons - The Rise Of Tiamat (Fifth Edition)

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Discover the epic storyline that calls on heroes everywhere to stop the five-headed queen of dragons, Tiamat, from returning to Faerûn.

Dragons of the Sword Coast have power far beyond their human, dwarf, and elf neighbors. However, they've been uninterested in the affairs of such insignificant beings and exerting control over the civilizations of Faerûn‚¬€until now.

Evil cultists have discovered the means to bring Tiamat‚¬€Queen of Evil Dragons‚¬€back from the Nine Hells and wreck a kind of havoc the Forgotten Realms has yet to see. Will they succeed in their quest?

The Tyranny of Dragons storyline continues in this second 96-page adventure, designed and developed by renowned publisher Kobold Press. Inside these pages lurks everything a Dungeon Master needs. . .

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