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Dungeons & Dragons - Tyranny of Dragons

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In an audacious bid for power, the Cult of the Dragon leads the charge in an unholy campaign to bring Tiamat back to Faerûn. Alongside their dragon allies and the Red Wizards of Thay, they sweep from town to town, laying waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen.

The threat of annihilation has become so dire that groups as disparate as the Harpers and Zhentarim are banding together to fight the cult. The heroes must succeed, or Faerûn will succumb to draconic tyranny. In the end, the world will never be the same.

• Two adventures (Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat) are bound together with a fresh new cover with spectacular art by Hy. . .

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Wizards of the Coast

Scenario / Adventure / Module

Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game, Dice Rolling

Wolfgang Baur, Jeremy Crawford, Mike Mearls, Matthew Sernett, Chris Sims, Rodney Thompson, Steve Winter, Alexander Winter

David Baldeon, John-Paul Balmet, Jared Blando, Von Caberte, Nicole Cardiff, Conceptopolis, Scott Fischer, Hydro74, Tyler Jacobson, Kekai Kotaki, Guido Kuip, Todd Lockwood, Marcel Mercado, Thom Tenery, Eva Widermann, Sara Winters

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