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Battlelore 2nd Edition - Reinforcement Pack: "Mountain Giant"

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Bring the Mountain Giant’s might to your army with the Mountain Giant Reinforcement Pack for BattleLore Second Edition! This Reinforcement Pack features a detailed Mountain Giant figure alongside three new lore cards that allow you to bolster your lore deck with the Mountain Giant’s brute strength. What's more, a pre-built scenario invites the Uthuk Y'llan to call upon the power of the Mountain Giant. Whether you use the Mountain Giant in this scenario or muster him in any other army, he brings an undeniable threat to every game!

• Expand any BattleLore Second Edition army with the addition of a massive Mountain Giant
• Three new lore cards bring the destructive prowess of a Mountain Giant to your lore deck
• Fight to liberate captive Blood Harvesters in the included pre-built scenario
• A new terrain tile allows you to reduce any building to rubble