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Descent Second Edition: "Bol'goreth The Troll" Lieutenant Miniature

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With the Bol’Goreth Lieutenant Pack players can give new life to the dreaded troll lieutenant from The Trollfens expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. A hulking sculpted figurine replaces the Bol’Goreth lieutenant token while the troll’s personalized Plot deck allows the overlord to make use of him in any campaign, plaguing the heroes with poison and disease. Finally, the Lieutenant Pack allows the overlord to summon Bol’Goreth as an agent and brute enforcer in any campaign outside of The Trollfens.

• Replace Bol’Goreth’s lieutenant token with a sculpted plastic figure
• Summon Bol’Goreth into any quest outside The Trollfens campaign as a deadly agent
• Use Bol’Goreth’s Plot deck to plague the heroes throughout an entire campaign
• Threat tokens trigger Plot card abilities, while fortune tokens give heroes a way to fight back