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Lord Of The Rings LCG: "Trouble In Tharbad" Nightmare Decks

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When it was first released, The Ring-maker cycle of Adventure Packs for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game gave players the rare opportunity to undertake an important quest for Saruman the White, at a point in Middle-earth’s history that his eventual treachery had not yet been revealed. Meanwhile, the cycle’s scenarios reinforce the mechanics behind the Time X keyword first revealed in The Voice of Isengard expansion, adding a powerful sense of urgency to their adventures.

Now, three new The Ring-maker Nightmare Decks allow you to relive these thrilling adventures, but this time recast in the shadows of Nightmare Mode. The enemies are deadlier, the locations are darker, and your time is more precious than ever before!

• Three twenty-card Nightmare Decks carry you through the first half of The Ring-maker cycle of Adventure Packs for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
• New enemies, locations, treacheries, and quest stages add surprising twists and challenges to existing encounter decks
• Allows expert players to confront scenarios in the game’s darker and deadlier Nightmare Mode
• The Dunland Trap Nightmare Deck challenges you to survive the full force of a deadly Dunlending ambush
• Spirit enemies add new muscle and twists to the sequential boss fights of The Three Trials Nightmare Deck
• With the Trouble in Tharbad Nightmare Deck, your effort to escape one of the Dark Lord’s agents becomes so desperate you’ll feel hot Orc breath on the back of your neck