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Star Wars - LCG: "Galactic Ambitions" Expansion

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Two great powers struggle for the galaxy across the Star Wars saga: the fledgling Rebel Alliance and the Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine. The Galactic Ambitions expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game pits these two powers against each other. Like previous deluxe expansions, the twenty-six new objective sets included in Galactic Ambitions fix the spotlight on the Sith and the Rebel Alliance, but every faction receives cards to expand your decks. Here, you’ll find new versions of iconic characters like Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Leia Organa. Whether you’re fighting to free the galaxy or to squelch any resistance, Galactic Ambitions offers new strategies and cards.

• The fifth deluxe expansion for Star Wars™: The Card Game
• Focuses the spotlight on the Rebel Alliance and Sith affiliations with five new objective sets apiece
• Offers new sets for every affiliation to expand your deckbuilding opportunities
• New versions of iconic characters like Emperor Palpatine and Leia Organa join the fight for the galaxy
• New fate cards raise the tension of every edge battle