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Cave Troll

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Gather your team of heroes and monsters and enter the dungeon in Cave Troll! In this classic boardgame of strategic positioning, two to four player command heroes and monsters, moving them through a dungeon labyrinth to claim ancient treasures. Your heroes establish your dominion over certain dungeon rooms, while your monsters disrupt your opponent's plans and slay his heroes. Every game of Cave Troll challenges you to spend your limited actions to achieve the greatest possible advantage. By deploying your heroes and monsters wisely, you'll seize more gold thanyour opponents and claim victory!

• A fast-paced board game of strategic positioning for two to four players
• The heroes’ unique talents help you claim dominion over key dungeon rooms
• Monsters allow you to slay your opponent’s heroes and disrupt his plans
• Comes with classic and variant versions of the game, each featuring distinctive character abilities
• Rare artifacts can be spent to change the balance of the game