Flick 'Em Up - Wood Version

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In Flick'em Up!, the cities of the West are not the safest place to be. You can chose to be an outlaw and rob banks, free prisoners, attack innocent bystanders and build your reputation as a bandit. Or you could chose to be the Sheriff and vow to protect the people of your city from the bandits that come around! Either way, you will face your enemies in street duels, fight off your opponents, and use different guns and tactics to reach you goals.

Discover the 10 scenarios that will immerse you in the great rivalry between a sheriff and a bunch of bandits.
‚¬¢ Build typical Wild West towns that you will pass through on your journey.
‚¬¢ Bank hold-ups, kidnapping and duels are all a part of the challenges you will face.
‚¬¢ Hide behind a cactus; steal bags filled with gold at the town bank; and shoot any cowboys in your way!
‚¬¢ All the actions found in Westerns on the tip of your finger!

Once it has all been set on your table, the cacti, the wooden barrels, the town buildings and the cowboys take life! With the top quality material, the immersion into the game is instant. You are in the Wild West! The Cooper Clan is in for a good fight!

All of these beautiful components fit perfectly in a sliding top box.

2-10 players
Ages 8+
45 minutes