Flick 'em Up (3rd Edition)

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Flick Em Up - Third Edition 

As dawn breaks, you plant your spurs in the dirt outside the town bank. With a loaded gun in your holster, there’s only one question that needs answering: who are you fighting for? The Sheriff, who fights to protect all that’s good and pure? Or the Cooper Clan, who fights because it’s fun and profitable? They don’t call it the Wild West for nothing. Join the Sheriff or the outlaws and confront your rivals in 10 epic scenarios.

• 12 figures 
• 12 removable/reversible hats 
• 10 cowboy tiles 6 buildings 
• 1 gallows 
• 72 tokens (dynamite, pistols, rifles, etc.) 
• 36 wooden pieces (cactuses, barrels, etc.) 
• and more! 

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