Flip City

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A deceptively simple microdeckbuilder!

The citizens of Flip City want you to expand and renovate their neighborhoods -- but if you ask for too much in taxes all at once, they won't be happy! To keep them at ease, you will play cards from the top of your deck (no hand!), push your luck, build your deck, and upgrade cards by flipping them.

86 Building Cards Including:
‚¬¢ 20 Residential Area/Apartment cards
‚¬¢ 16 Convenience Store/Shopping Mall cards
‚¬¢ 16 Hospital/Church cards
‚¬¢ 12 Factory/Power Plant cards
‚¬¢ 12 Central Park/ Station cards
‚¬¢ 10 Office/Trade Center cards

1-4 Players
8+ Years
30 Minutes