Getaway Driver

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Following in footsteps of classic movies like Bullet, The Italian Job, and The Fast and the Furious, Getaway Driver puts you in the driver’s seat in a reckless car chase out of town. Getaway Driver is a fast and frantic asymmetric game for 2 players, full of car crashes, crazy stunts, and daring escapes.

Play as the Driver – a daredevil motorist with the skills to pull a variety of crazy stunts – racing to get out of town. Or play as the Police – armed with a battalion of equipment and vehicles, and the city itself – working to catch the Driver before they escape.

Getaway Driver was designed by Jeff Beck, with art from Ryan Goldsberry - the same team that brought you Hardback and Word Domination.

  • Completely asymmetric
  • Sets up in 3 minutes
  • A unique experience each game
  • Use natural obstacles
  • Easy to learn, easy to teach - watch a how-to-play video or checkout the rulebook
  • Solo variant included (watch a playthrough here)

What's in the box

  • 45 city tiles
  • 11 dual-purpose driver cards
  • 8 police upgrade cards
  • 9 vehicle tokens
  • 3 barricade tokens
  • 1 tire spike token
  • 12 hazard tokens
  • 8 stash tokens
  • 10 police enforcement tokens
  • 1 pursuit meter
  • 6 event cards
  • 3 terrain obstacles
Getaway Driver is a game for 2 players, takes 30-45 minutes, as is for players ages 12 and above.