Heroes Of Normandie: Gazette #2

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Keep your Heroes of Normandie games fresh and interesting with regular new content! The second quarterly Gazette includes new rules, new scenarios, and an exclusive punchboard filled with equipment, options, and surprises. This issue also includes a double-sided pin-up poster.
  • 1 punchboard
  • Historical informations about modified tanks created by Major General Percy Hobart, about Percy Hobart himself and the officer Colin Maud.
  • Bridge scenario ‚¬Å“Cut off the bridges‚¬? ‚¬€œ Commonwealth (845 pts) against Germans (505 pts)
  • Scenario ‚¬Å“Red death!‚¬? ‚¬€œ Germans (315 pts) against Commonwealth (375 pts)
  • New rules about new special abilities : Flail, Mechanic, Tank crew, Trailer and abilities concerning the Churchill Ark and the Churchill Crocodile.