Hobbes - A Board Game About Life

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HOBBES is a party game for adults with a sense of humor about life. There are many party games out there, but you will likely find this board game to be much different.
LAUGH. This is a game about (not "of") life - random things that typically occur during different stages of your life and in today's society in general. You and your friends and family will share laughter, either at your expense or others' at the table.
ATTACK. The objective of the game is to end up with the most remaining points after being slowly and methodically reduced by life's joys. In this game you can attack your opponents by sticking them with point losses in an effort to maintain the highest score to win.
REFLECT. Ultimately, the game creator believes, you should have a philosophical perspective on life, articulated by some of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known, to lift you above your embattled existence. The game contains classic words of wisdom for you and other players to pause and reflect on, and hopefully calm your troubled souls.
HOBBES plays best with a large group of friends and family who are familiar with one another's foibles, habitual behavior and past history.