Homesteaders: New Beginnings Expansion

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A Homesteaders Expansion
The world is changing. Settlers spread westward across the American continent, and railroad companies follow. Back east, sweeping laws are passed, and tensions between the North and South escalate into a civil war. How will these events affect the humble inhabitants of a burgeoning frontier town?

Adding new buildings and new strategies, along with coping with new events will make you rethink your approach to the game each time, especially when you add a 5th player to the mix.

• 1 Auction Board Extension
• 1 Homestead Tile
• 2 Player Markers
• 1 Player Screen
• 1 Market Reference Tile
• 10 Auction Tiles
• 30 Oversized Wooden Resource Tokens
• 9 Building Tiles
• 38 Punchboard Chits
• 25 Event Cards
• 5 Worker Meeples
• 5-Player Scorepad