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Hunters come and go, too slow to catch the cunning Fox, but the Master of Hounds has run his quarry to ground a thousand times. Who will prevail? The dogs are ready to run, trained for the chase. An unexplored wilderness lies between the hunter and hunted, and the sun crests the horizon. Let the hunt begin!

‚¬¢ The Fox must elude its pursuers while the Master of Hounds commands a diverse hunting party including a Terrier, a Bulldog, and three Foxhounds.
‚¬¢ Each playing piece has different movement rules and special capabilities. Each player has unique victory conditions.
‚¬¢ Forty-nine tiles make up a 7x7 game board. Grass, dens, brooks, thickets, traps, scents, time passing, and even a baby fox tile are discovered and revealed as the game continues. Each tile has different effects when turned up.

‚¬¢ 49 two-sided tiles
‚¬¢ 7 screen-printed meeples
‚¬¢ Reference sheets in a metal tin

2‚¬€œ6 players, 45 minutes, Ages 13+.

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