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In Too Deep

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In the year 2087, central governments have fallen. What remains are fragmented citystates like New Dawn City, struggling to keep chaos at bay. The sinister Syndicate targets these weakened cities for domination by usurping, organizing, and enhancing the existing criminal elements. In the world of In Too Deep, you are part of a secret agency dedicated to stopping the Syndicate at all costs. Cybernetic implants give Syndicate operatives a technological advantage, but you have found a way to exploit that power. Orchestrate crimes, strive to put the information you gather to the best use, wrestle with dangerously corrupting dilemmas, and try to hold yourself together. It will take everything youve got to avoid going In Too Deep.

SKU BTI 4002
Product Stats
1 - 5

Playing Time:
60 - 90 Minutes

Min Age:

Burnt Island Games

Adventure, Science Fiction

Hand Management, Push Your Luck, Semi-Cooperative Game, Set Collection

Josh Cappel, Daryl Chow

Dominik Mayer

Year Published: