Kaiju Incorporated: The Rpg

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Jump into the lives of the workers for the world's biggest multinational Kaiju-conglomerates! Rebuilding the world following giant monster attacks takes a Kaiju-sized work-force. Do you have what it takes to face the hazards of mayhem, destruction, biohazardous waste, human resources, minimal career prospects, and really really big footprints? Find out in Kaiju Incorporated: The Roleplaying Game! Kaiju Incorporated: The Roleplaying Game is an 88-page, full-color hardcover supplement. Fate Core or Fate Accelerated required to play.

Inside, you'll find:
‚¬¢ Different types of Kaiju cleanup crews to make each campaign unique
‚¬¢ Mode-based character generation to easily create a balanced crew
‚¬¢ Hybrid stunts which offer more power for the character and more Fate points for the GM
‚¬¢ A Kaiju attack checklist to help GMs easily plot their next session or campaign
‚¬¢ Plenty of Kaiju and corporate employers to get your crew started