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All animals are thirsty after an adventurous day in the savannah, so they've all trekked to the drinking grounds. Every animal wants to be the first to drink, but watch out! The elephant scares the lion, the lion scares the zebra, and the zebra scares the antelope. Anything can happen. The antelope might even scare the elephant. The player who scares away the most animals wins.

To set up Kariba, shuffle the cards and deal five to each player, placing the remainder face down as a deck. Place the game board in the center of the table. During a round, a player lays down one or more cards of the same animal, placing the cards in the corresponding position (1-9) around the lake. If you have one or more playing cards of the same . . .

SKU HL8923
Product Stats
2 - 6

Playing Time:
15 - 15 Minutes

Min Age:

Asmodee Editions

Card Game, Children's Game

Hand Management

Reiner Knizia

Felix Kindelan

Year Published: