Liberty Or Death: The American Insurrection

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Volume V in GMT's COIN Series takes us back to the struggle of the American Patriots against their parent British government. A unique multi-faction treatment of the American Revolution, Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection will take 1 to 4 players between lines of clashing red and blue infantry, Indian raids, European politics, British control of the seas, French intervention, and the propaganda war.

As the British, you have to deal with an Insurrection across a massive region. With control of the seas (at least until the French arrive), you have extreme flexibility and can move across the coast and cities at will. You will muster Tories to support your efforts.

As the Patriots, you initially aren't powerful enough to counteract the British Army. You will need to pick your battles and initially spread the Militia to key areas. Over time you can train a force of Continentals to take on the British Regulars.

As the Indian player, you have selected the lesser of two evils in aligning with the British.

As the French, you have the ability to be the thorn in the side of the British in North America. When you sign the Treaty of Alliance with the Patriots, you can bring French Regulars to America to March and Battle.

‚¬¢ Rule Booklet
‚¬¢ Play Booklet
‚¬¢ One Mounted Map
‚¬¢ Two Counter Sheets
‚¬¢ 109 Playing Cards
‚¬¢ Twelve Player Aid Cards
‚¬¢ 147 Wood Pieces
‚¬¢ 12 Pawns
‚¬¢ 9 Leader Stands
‚¬¢ One six-sided dice
‚¬¢ Four three-sided dice