Machine Of Death: Side Effects - Expansion

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Machine of Death: Side Effects contains all expansion cards available for the Machine of Death game, in a separate box the same size as the main game box. Expansions include:
‚¬¢ Death - Expansion packs of 150 different general-purpose death cards, to add variety to your games. This set contains all 3 sets (A, B, & C) that were previously available separately.
‚¬¢ Death by Genre - 150 themed death cards, featuring: 25 Space; 25 Noir; 25 Pirate; 25 Adventure, and 50 Pestilence & Plague. This contains all three themed decks that were previously only available separately.
‚¬¢ Intel - These 100 cards help you come up with targets in the game! By default you can Mad-Lib your way through target generation, but if you'd like a few suggestions to get you going (all contributed by fellow backers), grab this bonus deck!
‚¬¢ Webcomics Pals/Chums - 230 expansion cards (of all types) created by 20 top webcomics artists, including Jeph Jacques, Zach Weinersmith, Ryan North, Andrew Hussie, Meredith Gran, Dylan Meconis, Jess Fink, R K Milholland, KC Green, R Stevens, and OTHERS!