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Mangaka is a hilarious, creative card game where you & your friends play comic artists competing for fame over 4 rounds of frantic drawing! Start by drawing three Theme Cards (from a deck of 136) to determine the subject of your comic. Then, you and the other players must draw comics about your Themes before time runs out. Fleeting Trend Cards add another dimension of strategy: your fickle readers this round may demand Science Fiction, Fantasy, Shojo Manga, Sports, Destruction or any one of 52 Trends. Each round brings more Panels to draw and Trends to chase than the round before. When the final round ends, the winner is the one with the most Fame Tokens‚¬¦but every player ends the game with a comic of their own creation.

Designed by Jason Thompson (Manga: The Complete Guide, with art by Ike (Golden Sky Stories) and Eric ‚¬Å“Woof‚¬? Muentes (Blue Revolver), Mangaka will challenge your speed and creativity, and leave you with a full-length comic of your own creation!