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Marvel Crisis Protocol - Deadpool & Bob, Agent of Hydra

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Welcome to the Deadpool character pack, brought to you by me: the amazing Deadpool! Once terminal cancer patient Wade Wilson, I, the aforementioned Wade Wilson, was transformed into the incredible superpowered hero Deadpool! Thanks to the nerds at the Weapon X program, I was granted an off-the-charts healing factor which allows me to recover from even the most gruesome “for the love of all that’s holy, look away Timmy!” injuries. I’m also basically a ninja–expert marksman, a master in multiple martial arts (including the deadliest of all, Karate), and I speak, like, nine languages. But my greatest superpower of all is my dazzling wit and immeasurable charm. Though teams like the X-Men and Avengers would literally kill to have someone like me on their roster, I, the aforement. . .

Product Stats
2 - 2

Playing Time:
90 - 90 Minutes

Min Age:

Atomic Mass Games

Expansion, Miniatures

Area Majority / Influence, Dice Rolling, Variable Player Powers

Year Published: