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MBT is a complete game system modeling the US 7th Army and the GSFG Soviet mechanized forces of 1987. It is M1 Abrams (105mm and 120mm armed versions) versus a whole stable of Soviet armor with their T-80s, T-72s, T-64s, and upgraded models of the T-62 and T-55. There is even M60A3s sprinkled in to balance out the US tank inventory. Bradley IFVs and CFVs mechanized units are set to take on their counterparts mounted in BMP-1, 2s and even a few 3s. Not to be overlooked, M113A2s and BTRs and MT-LBs are also set to make their appearance.

Mechanized infantry and their related weapons are in abundance, including the M47 Dragon, M72 LAW, AT-7 Saxon, AT-4 Spigot, and multiple RPG versions.

‚¬¢ Five Geomorphic Cardboard Maps
‚¬¢ Six Counter Sheets
‚¬¢ Twenty Eight Tank Data Cards
‚¬¢ Five Player Aid Cards
‚¬¢ Two Rule Books
‚¬¢ Play Book
‚¬¢ Four 10-sided Dice