Millenial Manatees: Board Game in a Fanatee Pack

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A casual strategy game packaged inside a wearable "Fanatee Pack". 

Mechanically, it’s like a lighter version of Machi Koro but with worker placement elements where players are manatees trying to pay off their student debt.

  • Be the first player to pay off 20 manatee coins of student debt

  • Place your manatee token and start different business ventures earning manatee coins from other players

  • But don’t get too greedy or your coins will end up in the LOST MANATEE GOLD and become available to the other players.

  • Lots of dumb humor making the whole concept of millennials even more mundane


  • This game is for players who are sick of tone deaf think-piece articles


1 Cloth board

4 Large Wooden Manatee Tokens

1 Wooden “Toast” Token

9 wooden tracking pips

Like a whole bunch of cards, linen finished

4 Fanatee Pack Tokens


The fanatee pack is a shiny HOT PINK