Mistfall: Valskyrr Expansion

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Valskyrr expands Mistfall with a campaign system in different ways. Some of the features can also be used in the classic game variant.
‚¬¢ Legacy Feats: A new deck of special Feats that can be purchased by any Hero. Use these abilities to sharpen your keen edge or supply your Hero with a little bit of what is not usually their forte.
‚¬¢ Setting Cards: As your Hero Develops, so do the Mists. The expansion pack comes with a small deck of cards that will randomize ways in which each subsequent Quest will become harder, as the relentless Mists, aware of your presence, will push back, trying to stop your advance.
‚¬¢ Elite Enemies: The Valskyrr will also come with analternative version of one type of Enemy from each ofthe three groups (Wildlanders, Borderlanders andUndead). When introduced by a Setting, these willsucceed the Regular Enemies in their respective decks,making the most basic footman of your Enemy a greaterchallenge to face.
‚¬¢ Epic Villains: Just like the Regular Enemies, some of the biggest and baddest evildoers will receive an upgrade. The expansion will provide you with a final battle that will truly feel like a worthy conclusion to an epic tale.