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Mouse Guard: Swords & Strongholds

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A light strategy game for two players, from the setting of the Mouse Guard comics and roleplaying game.

Each player control four mouse pawns on a gridded board. Play involves a deck containing three types of cards: Swords, Strongholds, and Diplomacy.

Each turn one mouse moves along a grid in one of the four cardinal directions and then may immediately use one of the cards in their 3 card hand.

Sword: Move in an L shape, pushing mice you encounter aside. Mice knocked off the board this way are captured and removed from play. You may not capture your own mice.

Stronghold: Leap off the grid onto an adjacent square. Mice may not enter grid corners touching your square. Mice currently in such a grid corner are pushed on space, and mice pushed into a. . .

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Product Stats
2 - 2

Playing Time:
15 - 30 Minutes

Min Age:

Archaia Studios

Abstract Strategy

Grid Movement

Luke Crane

David E. Petersen

Year Published: