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Napoleon's Imperium

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Napoleon’s Imperium, 1798-1815 is designed for two to eight players, the game pitches eight Empire Nations of the Napoleonic Wars, divided into two Alliances in a fight to the death struggle for control of Napoleonic Europe.

The objective of Napoleon’s Imperium is for one Alliance to conquer the other by either achieving a Capital Victory (capturing key enemy territories) or a Battle Points Victory (based on favorable outcomes and achievements made during game play).

Napoleon’s Imperium is a team-based game! The key to winning Napoleon’s Imperium is your ability to strategize and work as a team with your allies. Each player rules an Empire with difference strengths and weakness, with diff. . .

SKU CPS 1132
Product Stats
2 - 8

Playing Time:
240 - 900 Minutes

Min Age:

Compass Games


Area Majority / Influence, Dice Rolling, Simulation

Andrew Rowland

Year Published: