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Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy - Player's Tome

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The Player's Tome. Cover art by Peter Mullen. Details in gold foil. 248 pages, A5 (Digest-sized). Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy book 1 of 2. The Player's Tome contains the complete game rules, a massive selection of character classes and races, hundreds of spells, and full lists of equipment, mounts, vehicles, and hirelings. Everything a player needs. 

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Exalted Funeral Press


Role Playing

Gavin Norman

Ian Baggley, Mustafa Bekir, Jerry Boucher, Paul Caprio, Michael Clarke, Thomas Denmark, Julee Eileen, Chris Huth, Tom Kilian, Adrian Landeros, Jethro Lentle, Mark Lyons, Chris Malec, Sam Mameli, Juan Carlos Ochoa Mantilla, William McAusland, Bradley McDevitt, Penny Melgarejo, Peter Mullen, Diogo Nogueira, Thomas A. Novosel, Stefan Poag, Olivia Politz, Rachel Quinlan, Matthew Ray, Luka Rejec, Peter Saga, Frank Scacalossi, James Shields, Spaghetti Quester, Johannes Stahl, Del Teigeler, Andrew Walter

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